SKIN: A Matter of Race in America

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THE INCEPTION. Race as we know it today. It defines, as well as, divides us. Furrowed deep within the contour lines of our racial perceptions are social nuances we ascribe to every stroke of skin color. We afford to race the power to decide human intelligence, beauty and even moral goodness. We have created a truth or at least, a reality to every shade of skin. Race can affirm or deny. It is a measuring rod, determining who is good or bad and whom we should hate or revere. For almost as long as our inception as a nation, Americans have worn these attitudes like a favored old garment with each generation providing fecund to keep it going. This is not to say that our social biases are insular. On the contrary, ideals like these have existed in societies around the world and throughout history, we find a shared consorter of sorts. One not necessarily connected to skin color, but nonetheless, torn from the same broadcloth and extending from the same thought process. Such ideals have caused great divisiveness; building walls of separation between people within a society and the reasons are as age old as class, religion, and geography–---a big fuss over a little piece of land. And history shows us all too well, how one voice ratcheting up fury over one of these ideals can lead to mass violence. Certainly, such social intolerances exist anywhere there is a lack of compassion and understanding. Still, Americans do hold a distinction in this area. To be sure, our use of race based on skin color as a means to hate and discriminate, even more so, as an evolutionary benchmark is a uniquely modern concept.





Cultural Tapestry

value what's yours

1. Mosque - Timbucktoo; 2. Egyptian Princess - Family of King Akh; 3. Princess Rehotep and Princess Nefert (c2620, BC); 4. Amenhotep III - 1st. Egyptian Pharoah; 5. King Akhenaten; 6. Egyptian Royalty;

7. Sumerian, Akkadian, Egyptian Coptic, Hebrew Languages; 8. Black Plague; Charles Darwin; 9. Giza Pyramids; 10. Anglo predial slavery; 11. Queen Elizabeth; 12. Moor Army; 13. Frederick Douglass; 14. West African Dynasty; 15. Abraham Lincloln; 16. Trans Atlantic slave trade; 17. Wanted poster - 40k Bounty, Harriet Tubman (millions today); 18. Black Civil War Union Regimen; 19. Hitler


BUY A BOOK,GROW A MINDA group of 9th-12th grade students were asked, “If you don’t know your HISTORY,then...?” In earnest, they replied: “I cannot know what I’m capable of”; “I don’t know what to look forward to”; “I have a blank understanding of myself” &“My identity is lost”. These students realize the direct correlation between knowing ones' relevant HISTORY, personal IDENTITY and a promising FUTURE. Public schools however, are challenged by a lack of historical inclusivity, having a singular-mode-approach. As a grassroots group of volunteer professionals, we are introducing students to the History Id program utilizing a history/research book called SKIN: A Matter of Race in America by A. P. Brooks. Results have been transformative as students reconnect to a historical identity that results in a more positive self awareness while gaining a better understanding of their shared relationship to all humanity. 



Jan. 2016  -  Jan. 2016 - A Woman’s Place on AIBTV Interview with Angela Rice

April,  2015    -   Keynote Speaker,”The March [on Selma] Continues”, Woodruff Library at Clark,Spelman and Morehouse Colleges

March, 2014 - Participating Author,“Telling Our Stories”, Woodruff Library at Clark, Spelman and Morehouse Colleges
Media - Channel 57 TV - Sarah Hurd Show; AIB TV - A Woman’s Place Show; WFRG FM Radio; LOVE 86 AM Radio;; Clayton News Daily newspaper

Sept. 27th. 2-4 Open Discussion and Book Signing - South Fulton Library
Sept. 7th. 2-4pm Open Discussion and Book Signing - Clayton Cty Headquarters Library
Feb. 16th. - 2:00pm  Panel Discussiion - MLK 50th. Anniversary of the March on Washington  
March, 2013 - Participating Author,“Telling Our Stories”, Woodruff Library at Clark, Spelman and Morehouse Colleges

Dec.     8th  -  10am- 2pm 2012 SWAC Book Festival - Southwest Arts Center & Performance Theatre & Gallery
Dec.     7th  -  10:30am Females With A Mission Int. Radio w/Host Andrea L. Griggs
Nov.   17th  -  2-4pm APEX MUSEUM 135 Auburn Ave., - Downtown Atl.
Nov.   13th  -  6-8pm Lovejoy Library, Hampton  
Nov.     7th  -  6:30pm Clayton College & State Univ - Main Campus (closed to public) 
Sept.  27th  -  6-8pm, Barnes & Noble located at 342 Newnan Crossing Bypass in Newnan  
Aug.   19th  -  5-7pm, Urban Grind Coffee House located at 962 Marietta St. in Atl. 
Aug.   12th  -  Higher Living Christian Church in McDonough 
Aug.     3rd  -  11:00am, WRFG 89.3 FM Radio
July    21st  -  12-2pm, Southwest Branch Library, Atl.  
July    14th  -  12-2pm, Headquarters Library, Jonesboro 

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